How DSI Agent Janet Sweeney Makes a Difference


Did you know that the rates you get from one insurance company are the same rates you will get no matter which independent insurance agency that you choose? The only difference is the agent. 

DSI agent Janet Sweeney

 Janet Sweeney is more than just an insurance agent.  She has the experience, over 13 years, to be able to guide you in the right direction.  Janet has helped literally thousands of people decide on which insurance company they should buy from, what coverage choices are available, and how to get the most coverage for the money they’re spending.

Janet Sweeney is the agent that helps you when you are looking to get homeowners insurance.  Should you get a windstorm mitigation inspection?  What is the difference between a $500 vs. a 2% hurricane deductible?  Why does having a hip roof or a gable roof matter?  Which company uses their own adjusters and which company doesn’t?  How does swimming pool and pool screen coverage work?  These are the questions that Janet Sweeney answers every single day.

Janet is an adviser that looks out for you, because life happens. What happens if you are in an accident? Don’t worry! Janet will explain the claims process to you, show you what will be covered, and help you with issues like how to get to work while your car is being repaired.

Four children in front of a fireplace

Janet is a mother of four grown children who think she is pretty great too. She is also the owner of approximately 70 farm animals at her hobby farm here in Gainesville. She spends most of her time here at Darr Schackow protecting her clients at all hours of the day and night.  She has recently started baking cakes that could easily win cake decorating awards.  She uses every chance she gets to decorate her office for whatever holiday is coming up and is always getting special treats for the people on her team to thank them for their hard work.

Christmas plaque

It is hard to know the difference between insurance companies policies, endorsements, deductibles, etc.

It’s not hard to know that Janet Sweeney is the person you should choose to help you decide which company and coverage you should have to protect your family. Give Janet Sweeney a call today.



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