Tele-what??  Telemetrics is the term used for the technology that auto insurance companies use to measure your driving habits. Telemetrics used by some insurance companies can save you up to 30% on your Auto Insurance! It can also make your premiums go up if you’re not driving safely, so you have to be a good driver.  Progressive is the only company that I know of that if you agree to participate, it could mean higher premiums if you drive from 2-5 am and/or hard brake a little too much. 

Are you self aware of your driving habits?  Do you tend to drive conservatively? Do you drive less than 15,000 miles a year?  If so, telemetrics is for you! Not only is it free, the company will give you a 5% discount just to sign up. We recommend that you take advantage of telemetrics if the company offers it.

Ask one of our agents about telemetrics if you think you are a safe driver and we will let you know if it is available!

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