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The Benefits of Having Dashcams in Your Commercial Vehicles


As a business owner, keeping your business protected is likely your top priority. This includes staying safe on the road when using commercial vehicles. Taking every precaution possible can help with safety, including having a dashcam in your vehicles. Dashcams have become more popular over the past few years in both cars and trucks. Here are a few reasons why you should consider placing dashcams in your commercial vehicles.

Evidence in car accidents

The main reason for using a dashcam is that you have evidence recorded if you get in a car accident. This recording will be your most significant piece of evidence when deciding who is at fault in an accident. Without video evidence, there is a chance the blame can be put on you or your employees, even if it wasn’t your fault. Cameras don’t lie.

Helps prevent insurance fraud

Insurance fraud through car accidents has become increasingly more popular these days. Insurance fraud is when a driver purposely causes an accident or fakes an injury from a car accident to try and get money.  With a dashcam, you can protect yourself from anybody attempting to do this by proving that the accident wasn’t your fault and was purposely caused. This can save you a lot of money!

Protects your vehicles when you are not around it

Leaving your dashcam on while you are away from your vehicle can also catch any incidents that may happen, such as vandalizing or break-ins. Most dashcams can record even without the engine running. If you return to your vehicle and find it has been tampered with or damaged, you have proof of who did it on your dashcam.

Report careless drivers

If you notice a careless driver driving so poorly that they are putting other lives in danger, it is not unreasonable to report it. If you have evidence on your dashcam, it can assist law enforcement. If you don’t have proof, then there is less chance for the driver to receive some form of punishment, because it is just word of mouth.

Having a dashcam on your dashboard can save you many headaches if an incident happens when you need proof.  There are many different types of dashcams to consider. Once you decide which one is best for you, we guarantee you will feel safer on the road. 



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