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How Business Owners Can Simplify Their Life


Working with Darr Schackow Insurance (DSI) is about ease of business and trust. Let us help you make your busy life more manageable by saving you time and possibly money. When it comes to protecting your business, choose one agency to simplify your life. 

Streamline the Insurance Process – Time is Money

Having DSI for all of your lines of business (general liability, commercial auto, EPLI, group health, etc.) will help you cut back on information gathering. During the underwriting process, your agent will have your information to write other lines of insurance. 

Get All Your Certificates from One Agent

Nothing is more of a hassle than when you have to contact multiple carriers for certificates while on a job. DSI can be your one-stop shop for all your insurance needs and provide all the necessary certificates at once! Having all of your insurance policies for your business with DSI also means your agent is knowledgeable about your policies and business, so they will be better able to advocate on your behalf to insurance carriers. 

Renewals are a Breeze

By having all your business lines with DSI, your agent can easily do an annual policy review and identify any coverage gaps or additional lines of business you might need to consider. For example, cyber liability. It also gives them the ability to look for programs and carriers that will write multiple lines of business, as some will provide a discount for writing more than one line of business. 

Better Customer Service

When you need to make a change, you only need to contact your DSI agent who will reach out to the carriers on your behalf instead of contacting multiple agents. 

Whether you own and operate a restaurant or a construction business, let us help you save time and simplify your life. DSI offers business and commercial policies to protect you and your employees.



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