how the trucking industry is changing post pandemic

How the Trucking Industry is Changing Post-Pandemic


Like every other industry that has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trucking industry is no different. The trucking industry was forced to change its ways when the pandemic hit for both truck drivers’ and customers’ health and safety.

However, not all of these changes have been negative. Some positive changes in the trucking industry will most likely be here for the foreseen future. Here are some of those changes.

Higher demand

When the world shut down, many people lost their jobs. The trucking industry never stopped. Now there is an even higher demand for truck drivers, and we don’t see the demand going down anytime soon. So, if you are looking for a job, the trucking industry will always be an option for you!

Higher pay

Due to the higher demand for truck drivers, the industry is now offering a much higher pay rate to entice more drivers. Some trucking companies offer a salary of up to $110,000 a year with a $15,000 sign-on bonus. If you are looking for a job with higher pay, the trucking industry could be the job for you! What’s better than a big paycheck and the chance to drive across the county and see places you have never seen before?

More efficiency

The pandemic forced all of us to think out of the box and figure out new and safer ways to do things. With this comes innovations. The trucking industry has moved more to an electronic system for keeping records rather than paper. Paperless and contactless have become a big push in all sectors, and the trucking industry is one of them. Many trucking industries now have electronic systems to clock in and report mileage.

An electronic system can help with efficiency and the number of times truck drivers have to walk to and from a warehouse or office.

Like many industries, the trucking industry has moved many of its meetings to virtual. Virtual meetings are a more convenient way for everyone to get together, because they allow meetings to happen anywhere without the coordination of getting all in one room.

There are many upsides to working in the trucking industry. It can even be said that working in the trucking industry post-pandemic has more perks than pre-pandemic!



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