One of our clients was driving to work in his new corvette. He has a beautiful wife, great kids, a new house, thriving business and he is healthy… he has it all!

Until someone crosses the double yellow line and hits him head on. Our insured spends about 10 days in the hospital and his world is turned upside down. He will never really be the same. His car is totaled.

What does the at fault party’s insurance pay? What does his car insurance cover?

The other driver had no insurance… Our insured had collision coverage so he will be getting a new corvette. More importantly, our insured had uninsured motorists coverage. Uninsured motorists coverage is the most important coverage on your policy…by far!! It covers pain and suffering, mental anguish and even those medical bills.

In summary, anything can happen at any time. Uninsured motorists coverage is the most valuable coverage on your policy.

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