Once upon a time, Harold had purchased his homeowners insurance online because it seemed inexpensive. This past hurricane season, a tree branch fell on Harold’s house. It damaged the shingles and punched a hole in his roof. Harold called the 1.800 number, filed a claim and was promised a visit from an adjuster right away.

When the adjuster finally arrived at Harold’s property a week later, the damage to the roof was estimated at $15,000. BUT Harold had chosen a 5% hurricane deductible for his home which was insured for a total of $400,000. That means his hurricane deductible was $20,000, and the insurance company wasn’t going to pay anything for this damage incident. 

Harold decided it was time to get advice from an insurance agent that had his best interests in mind, so he went to DSI. Harold’s new DSI agent identified a $500 hurricane deductible for about the same price as the old policy he had with a 5% hurricane deductible. Now if Harold has damage, he can call his DSI agent and they can help him throughout the claims process.

John Darr


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