5 Reasons to Get a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy

5 reasons to get a personal umbrella policy

In the ever-evolving landscape of life’s uncertainties, safeguarding your assets and future earnings is crucial. Yet, amidst the array of insurance policies available, many people overlook umbrella insurance . An umbrella insurance policy provides a robust canopy of protection, adding an extra layer over your primary insurance coverages. But why should you consider adding this […]

Liquor Liability: One Patron Can Ruin Your Business

Yes, serving alcohol in your establishment can be a cash cow. Many venues make most of their money from alcohol sales, but are they protected? When patrons start drinking, they may be prone to making poor decisions that could drag your business into the fracas. What do you do? Review these options for liquor liability […]

Tenant Discrimination Liability Insurance

tenant discrimination liability insurance

Whether you own or manage a commercial tenant space, office building or an apartment complex, tenant discrimination (TD) liability insurance protects against high litigation defense costs and damages exposure. Such policies typically include both defense and indemnity coverage, and are an invaluable tool to avoid protracted, expensive legal battles.  TD provides protection from allegations and lawsuits […]