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Beyond the Basics: Prevent Motorcycle Theft


When you own a motorcycle, you enjoy a sense of freedom that’s hard to describe. People ask you why you even have a motorcycle, but it’s hard to explain. You just love the wind in your hair and the blood of a maverick surging through your system when you start up.But, how can you protect your motorcycle and prevent it from being stolen? Use these steps to care for your bike and maintain one of your most precious belongings.

Park Your Bike Wisely 

If you can, you should park your bike inside, in a locked garage. There are many people who live in the city or don’t have a garage, but they can rent a garage or install a shed on their property. Keeping the bike inside is one of the best things you can do. Plus, it keeps the bike out of the weather when you aren’t riding.

You can even throw a tarp over the bike when you aren’t riding.

Use a Locking System 

A bike lock system is a good deterrent for most thieves, but you can’t rely on the system that comes with the bike. Make a small investment in a secondary locking system that would take too long for a thief to unfurl. If it at all possible, lock your bike to a rack, post, or parking divider so that thieves simply have to work too hard to take your bike.

You want your bike to scream “this is too much trouble.”

If you prefer, you can install a security system that will sound an alarm—similar to a car alarm. Remember, though, you still need to lock the bike because some thieves will ride off while the alarm is sounding.

Where Are You Riding? 

You need to know where you’re riding and if it’s safe. This may sound like an afterthought, but there are places you simply shouldn’t go or try to park your bike. For example, you might dip into a large parking garage that gives you no opportunity to lock your bike up—hook it to a post or rack. If that’s the case, you should park somewhere else.

You should also consider parking your bike in areas where you know there are security cameras. Take a look around, just in case, and you will find that all these locations likely have security cameras:

  • The front doors of homes
  • Local businesses
  • Traffic lights and stop light cameras
  • Secure facilities like storage buildings and warehouses

Plus, you should consider taking a picture of where you left your bike so that you know where it is and you can prove it was stolen from that spot if it vanishes.

Don’t Share Keys 

The only person that should have a key to your bike is your significant other. Otherwise, you should not go around sharing keys to the bike. This may sound simple, but sharing a motorcycle is just as simple as sharing a car. But, where do those extra keys go?

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