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Liquor Liability insurance not only helps pay for the cost of defending yourself and your staff during a lawsuit

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Liquor Based Business Insurance Information

Serving liquor to patrons is an innately risky activity. No matter how careful you are and how well-trained your staff is, you always run the risk of accidentally serving alcohol to an underage minor, or being sued when a patron of your establishment causes problems after having a drink.

Liquor Liability insurance not only helps pay for the cost of defending yourself and your staff during a lawsuit, but it can also pay some or all of the claims (depending on policy limits and deductibles) if your establishment is held responsible.

While liquor liability insurance will not cover cases of willful neglect, it can be utilized for general liquor related claims received by bars, pubs, restaurants and even for private events.

This policy doesn’t just cover events that occur when your patrons leave your establishment, but can also cover events, including assaults and batteries, that occur within your bar or club. Policies can be tailored to meet the needs of your individual establishment so that your protection and premium is appropriate for your risk. For example, a restaurant serving wine with food may need different protection than a nightclub serving liquor and no food.

Policies feature a per incident limit as well as a per policy limit. The per policy limit is the aggregate limit for all incidents in the year while the per incident limit restricts the claims payable on each individual incident. Make sure to check the minimum requirements of your state before securing your coverage.

If you have any additional questions about Liquor Liability insurance or are concerned about protecting your bar, restaurant or brewery, please give the agents at Darr Schackow Insurance at 888-337-9322 and we’ll find the right plan for you.

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